May Meeting

Sunday May 6th starting at 2pm

“How to ID Common Insects”

Because we love birds and
are familiar with them most of us
can use the clues to figure out
which group a bird belongs to:
hawks, songbirds, etc. Then we
use other characteristics like
color, size, and markings to help
determine the specific species
of bird.
With insects it’s a little more difficult; often, insects are just
“bugs” and not something we care to ID, unless it is to pick
the best pesticide. Rebecca Smith, Environmental Scientist
and OVAS Board Member, is passionate about birds and all
aspects of nature, but one of her first loves was insects. At
this program she will share some insect terminology and the
clues which will help you determine which group or order a
bug you find belongs in. With that information, the next time
you find a beautiful iridescent insect with hard wing covers
creating a straight line on its back, you’ll have a starting point
to learn it’s name.

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